July 15 2021

And this concludes our Mosquito Week programming. Tune in next year for more fascinating insights into the world of How Much I Hate Mosquitos!

July 8 2021

I spent a lot of my teenage years thinking about how my youth was slipping away and how I’d look back on those moments like “dang, I can’t believe my youth slipped away.” And then it did. It’d be cool if we could choose which day of our lives we’re going to wake up toContinue reading “July 8 2021”

July 6 2021

Am I really shopping here THAT much??

Been traveling around a lot the past few weeks and totally whiffed on posting yesterday. I was sure it was Sunday somehow due to the holiday. Anyway here’s the rare Tuesday Comicâ„¢

July 1 2021

We should put civilization on halt until we can figure this out. Have you seen that video of the “tic tac” flying thing the Navy pilots picked up? What?! HOW?! Why aren’t we sweeping the oceans for where that came from?

June 28 2021

I feel like I should have swapped out the character I generally use as myself here. I don’t think it works super well with his character. Oh well! Live and learn!

June 24 2021

Really excited to not have to hear about CRT anymore but I know we’re just going to move onto whatever faux-outrage crap is lined up next.

June 21 2021

Originally thought this up when I was doing a job for a client in India but am now working with a company with offices all over the world. Starting to think about traveling again post-pandemic. Has anyone been to Iceland? Think that could be a simple fun solo trip.

June 17 2021

I remember seeing a compilation of millenials on Tik Tok telling off Zoomers and those are the people of my generation I’m most embarrassed of. When I was a teenager we used to talk about how our generation would do things right, but so many people get corrupted/brainwashed by toxic media. Remove the writings onContinue reading “June 17 2021”

June 14 2021

How is it already June 14th?? What?!?!? A couple days ago it was like “whoa in a couple days it’s going to be JUNE.” This summer hit and was supposed to be insane but it crept up on us and now it’s already almost over? Forget that.