March 16 2022

Retro Comic! First of many. This one is from 2008 or 2009 or somewhere around then, I believe. Back when I was on tumblr and the world was still new.

March 9 2022

Making comics is my favorite thing to do and I’m already excited to make y’all new ones in the near future!

March 1 2022

Recently I’ve been allowing myself to treat myself more often – I’ve lived my whole life so deeply frugally that you forget that it’s okay to just Upgrade Your Life.

February 25 2022

I wrote this before Russia invaded Ukraine. It feels a little tone deaf to be posting about yesterday’s news with the atrocities being committed right now- but I’m also not any kind of authority on that subject soooo who knows. Maybe next time.

February 22 2022

Twenty Two Tuesday In Twenty Twenty Two in Month Two doo doo dooooo

February 15 2022

Tomorrow we’re launching ILLEGAL CIGARETTE COMMERCIALS on YouTube! I’ll post a link on Thursday’s comic! Follow me on instagram for more details: @scarecrowbar.

February 11 2022

Have a great weekend everyone! Watch out for the void! It’ll snatch ya and never let go! Also there’s no avoiding it!

February 8 2022

Making comics has been a bit of a struggle recently. Sorry for missing the second one last week. I’ve been getting pulled in several directions and time moves too quickly.

February 1 2022

I’m doing Hourly Comics Day on my instagram! Come check ’em out: @scarecrowbar!

January 28 2022

Forgot to post this last week! I’ve been extremely busy w/ a job that wrapped on Friday. Things are just calming down now. Thanks for bearing w/ me!