May 17 2021

Still grinding away on that freelance job. My life is chaos until Friday and then it’s nothingness. Such is life.

May 13 2021

Monday’s comic was based on a true story and boy oh boy am I overwhelmed! Will write something witty here next time!

May 10 2021

Ladies and gentlemen (and anyone in between) – I am swamped. Swamped like an alligator in… a swampy area.

May 6 2021

I like to pretend I don’t get allergies but man oh man I cannot stop SNEEZING today! By the time our next comic is posted I’ll have reached the “2 weeks post-2nd shot” vaccine mark and lemme tell ya folks- I’m stoked! If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet I highly recommend it.

May 3 2021

My friends and I have been debating the best measures to convince people we know who are not vaccinated to do so. The idea was floated of not inviting non-vaccinated folks to things, but that was countered with “that will only push them further into their holes.” Genuinely torn on what the best approach is-Continue reading “May 3 2021”

April 29 2021

I’d love to blame this on the pandemic but truth is I’ve always been this awkward. Anyone else? Sound off in the comments! (Jk there’s no comments, gotta go to one of my socials for that)

April 22 2021

Do you ever get so caught up in work you realize you forgot to breathe for the past minute or so? That’s been happening to me more and more lately. I remember doing breathing exercises growing up and thinking: “This is silly, who forgets to breathe?” – Well, the answer apparently was, my future self.Continue reading “April 22 2021”

April 19 2021

Wish I could write something witty and insightful here but I’m on my way to a location scout so you’ll have to think up something on your own! Lmk how it goes!

April 15 2021

I’m in a Slack (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s like Discord) with a bunch of friends and something I do is write a LOT about music. But none of them ever really care about it, which I can’t blame them for. I think I might start posting stuff on medium then posting it here? Just thinkingContinue reading “April 15 2021”