January 4 2022

Awhile back Cordelia Sasquatch said “forgiveness is involuntary” on Rude Tales of Magic (a great podcast btw) and I’ve been turning that over in my mind ever since. What if forgiveness could help you put down your baggage? But what if you don’t feel any genuine forgiveness in your heart? What if the person youContinue reading “January 4 2022”

December 27 2021

Really hoping the reports about Omicron being super mild end up being true and we’re looking back on this peak in a month or two as the Beginning of the End. I’m very ready for regular life to return.

December 21 2021

It’s my birthday. I don’t handle birthdays well. Same with the holidays. Covid has kind of compounded that. I can feel some of my “carefree youth” slipping away due to that. I really hope we can put it behind us in 2022. Uhhh anyway thanks for reading today’s comic!

December 16 2021

I don’t love the holidays and don’t usually handle them well but it’s been a lot of fun this year thus far. I’m thankful for my health and the friends in my life.

December 13 2021

The second part of A Christmas Carol! I might post three this week and next week to get ’em all in. Or I might not! Depends on whether I have the time! Who knows! Not me!

December 10 2021

A Christmas Carol part 1! Going to do an arc of these! Buckle your seatbelts because the adventure of a lifetime begins…… next week! When I post the second one!

December 6 2021

Thinking of doing a “Ghost of Christmas past/present/future” story arc over the next few weeks. Let’s see if an arc can actually work out!

December 2 2021

This comic took more layers than most others. There’s a lot of shading going on. I’m really happy with it though, it’s about exactly what I had in my head.

November 29 2021

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Well those who celebrate! A wonderful Autumn harvest to all!