November 23 2021

For real I think a lot of sad lonely people out there enjoy that they hold this power in front of the line. “I’ve waited my turn and now I’m really going to savor it. I have the power to inconvenience people and if I’m not wielding that power I am weak. And therefore IContinue reading “November 23 2021”

November 19 2021

There was something I definitely meant to post here but I can’t remember. I had a solid thought “Oh I’m going to write that in this space today” and it’s left me. Oh well. Next time?

November 16 2021

The running narrative is everything this guy did was within legal boundaries – and if that’s true, it’s exactly what the problem is. How many people are incarcerated for minor nonviolent drug possession? Yet this guy gets to cross state lines and murder protestors and that’s legal? What kind of country is that?

November 12 2021

Almost didn’t post today because I couldn’t quite work out this one the way I wanted to. Even now I think I kind of missed the mark. Sometimes they don’t work out perfectly, and there’s a lot of pressure because so many of my peers are kind of unstoppable with how good their comics are.Continue reading “November 12 2021”

November 8 2021

I woke up in the middle of the night wondering what year it was for some reason. The idea of it being “2020” was too insane for me to comprehend. That’s when I remembered it’s still only the still-futuristic 2010s and 2020 is way off in the distant future. But then I came to andContinue reading “November 8 2021”

November 4 2021

Facebook is one of the richest companies on Earth. They totally have the means to create a team to interface directly with content creators who surpass a certain threshold of a following- and it’d create a ton of jobs. But they choose not to because it’s easier to line their pockets. They know they haveContinue reading “November 4 2021”

November 2 2021

I’m listening to the new Limp Bizkit album and so far the first song is hilarious. It’s better than I thought it’d be – for whatever that’s worth. The expectations were not high.

October 28 2021

Spooky collaborative comic with my friend Ryan of Holland Patent Public Library. Check out his music on any streaming platform or buy one of his records or anything.

October 25 2021

Trying to get back on a normal schedule. How’s everyone doing? Good? Wow!