March 15 2021

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about zoom…. and how much I hate it. My friends push back as they seem to really like it and think it’s a good substitute for talking to people in person. I get nothing but annoyed from it. I’m stoked to start seeing people in real life again butContinue reading “March 15 2021”

March 11 2021

Last night I lucid dreamt and had a son. I was trying to learn the correct pronunciation of a word from an Italian guy at a mall food court when he got into a bag of coffee beans on the floor outside a coffee shop and spilled them everywhere. The coffee shop merchant was furiousContinue reading “March 11 2021”

March 8 2021

This is part 1 in what will be a 3 part series! Also here’s to my fellow East Coasters for the bright forecast for this week.

March 4 2021

Did taxes a few days ago. I’m very likely paying more than any billionaire in this country, which is cool… on opposite day.

March 1 2021

This one is going to get me into trouble with all my friends who love their “wahhh I’m so sick of superhero movies” discourse. They’re a damn GENRE of movie y’all. It’s like Westerns in the 60s. There’s a lot of legitimacy to the genre as well- it’s not some bastardized action flicks that willContinue reading “March 1 2021”

February 25 2021

Weather’s starting to get warmer, at least in the Northeast. If we could squash this thing and be at concerts again this summer… I can already feel all of us telling the stories of “All this built up stress and tension just exploded out of me as I sang along to _______”

February 22, 2021

The weird thing about seemingly most republicans is they can’t comprehend why anyone would do anything unless its for their own personal gain- likely because they themselves would never do that. If they could just understand the world through the eyes of someone who genuinely doesn’t do every single thing for financial gain, even ifContinue reading “February 22, 2021”

February 18 2021

Couldn’t decide which one of these to roll with so went with both. Shoot me a message on which one you like more! Or go comment on instagram, twitter, facebook, whichever.

February 15 2021

Still moving, hoping I’m going to be settled in  by the end of this week. And for that I’m reusing Now Recurring Characters: Annoying Music Guy, and Annoyed Music Gal. Hey this could be a meme template.

February 11 2021

I went through at least a dozen versions of this before landing on this punchline. Originally it was a long-winded two-sentence thing that didn’t land. Then my friend suggested “Wait- does cancer vibrate?” which was really funny but also kind of o_o. I’ve been moving the past week so it’s been hard to pour myselfContinue reading “February 11 2021”