June 21 2021

Originally thought this up when I was doing a job for a client in India but am now working with a company with offices all over the world. Starting to think about traveling again post-pandemic. Has anyone been to Iceland? Think that could be a simple fun solo trip.

June 17 2021

I remember seeing a compilation of millenials on Tik Tok telling off Zoomers and those are the people of my generation I’m most embarrassed of. When I was a teenager we used to talk about how our generation would do things right, but so many people get corrupted/brainwashed by toxic media. Remove the writings onContinue reading “June 17 2021”

June 14 2021

How is it already June 14th?? What?!?!? A couple days ago it was like “whoa in a couple days it’s going to be JUNE.” This summer hit and was supposed to be insane but it crept up on us and now it’s already almost over? Forget that.

June 10 2021

I’ve found the best place to sneeze is into a burning fireplace/firepit/camp fire/etc. Just any kind of fire. You don’t have to cover your mouth and it immediately incinerates all the germs. You can really let a sneeze rip if you’re sneezing into a fire.

June 7 2021

This probably isn’t the dumbest comic I’ve ever made but it’s close!

June 3 2021

It’s been a year. I’ve made comics since I was very young. It never occurred to me to get serious about it until recently. Someday I’ll post some of my stuff from my childhood, if I ever find it. Anyway, thank you for being here. Much love.

May 31 2021

Happy Memorial Day! Next year I’ll do something to commemorate the day. This comic is inspired by these past several weeks of being in an all-encompassing work schedule. Next comic is my 1-year anniversary!

May 27 2021

I have some friends of friends who told me anyone can get away with robbing a bank as long as you only do it once. If you do it twice, you’ll get caught. But we all basically have one “rob a bank and get away scot-free” card. Why haven’t you used yours yet?

May 24 2021

The Green Album by Weezer came out over TWENTY years ago now. I have a lot of trouble coming to terms with how quickly time flies, more than others I think. It genuinely stresses me out. If you could drop me and everything I know now into 2015 I think I’d be a much happierContinue reading “May 24 2021”

May 20 2021

Apologies for the delay! I just wrapped the most insane gig of my life and have to finish another one by tomorrow. After Friday my life opens up in such a weird, wild way. Big things coming!