December 17 2020

:cue running away screaming:

This is based off a talk I heard Casey Neistat give at SXSW in 2017- he had so much vitriol for sleep. So resentful for those hours he was losing every day. I was actually really envious of him- I wish I hated sleep. To be fair I do wish I had 8 more hoursContinue reading “December 17 2020”

December 14 2020

"Wait- he ate the ENTIRE thing?" "I'm afraid so. Unfortunately there's no way we can save him now."

I posted my Top Albums of 2020 on my instagramĀ in case anyone’s interested in checking that out. It’s in my highlights on my profile, you’ll see it. Music is a big part of creating comics for me, I try to listen to a lot of different things. Anyway, I hope you- the person reading this-Continue reading “December 14 2020”

December 11 2020

a world without right-wing propaganda

There is no conspiracy. There is no oppression. There is no “War on Christmas.” There’s just people wishing you well. Say thanks and move on. This concludes the “happy holiday guideline” series!

December 9 2020

[internal screaming]

Seasonal Greeting week continues! I think the general sentiment I’m trying to convey here is: No one is oppressed for any seasonal greeting. Just say what you think is appropriate and wish each other well. However if you tell someone “Merry Christmas” and they respond “I don’t celebrate Christmas” that’s your own fault for creatingContinue reading “December 9 2020”

December 8 2020

looking silly regardless

Posting a Seasonal Greeting Guideline every day this week!

December 7 2020

pictured: true oppression

I tried several different versions of this comic before landing on this one. Here’s the other main one I was considering:

December 3 2020

Not pictured: Screaming at the sun to go back down

It’d be great if I could sleep through the night. A bunch of kids live above me who love to have wrestling matches at 5:30am. I think I’ve complained about this before though?

November 30 2020

beep beeeeeeep

Realistically, they’re probably just staring at their phone. But for anyone pondering it, I’d advise being a driver’s ed instructor is NOT a good post-retirement career. Seems very stressful. It’s probably a tough career no matter how you cut it. But respect to those on the front line trying to make people better drivers? WeContinue reading “November 30 2020”

Thursday November 26

disease it up yall

Historically, white people haven’t been the greatest with “Hey don’t do that” or “You shouldn’t go there” or “That doesn’t belong to you”   Some things never change. Happy Thanksgiving though!

November 23 2020


Thanksgiving is coming up. Please don’t travel unless you need to. Please stay safe.