September 2 2021

I’m currently traveling but my neighbors/friends/roommates called me last night to let me know my apartment had flooded. They spent at least two hours around midnight in my place cleaning the flood. I am eternally grateful to have such great friends.

August 31 2021

I’ve actually never met anyone named Walter, but it’s a fine name. Perfectly acceptable.

August 26 2021

I think I may lose people in the 2nd panel. Too preachy? My vote’s: No!

August 23 2021

And we’re back! Was good to recharge the ol’ batteries. Hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy!

August 5 2021

Currently listening to No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine. Sometimes songs are insanely epic. This is one of those times. I love how the whole album turns every song up to 11 on the grandness scale. It’s ridiculous and so fun.

August 3 2021

Please enjoy this comic that only works one day a year! If you see it on Wednesday August 4th or anytime after that I’m sorry, but this will make absolutely no sense and you’ll likely be driven into madness!

July 29 2021

Reminder that there’s rollover text for every one of these comics! Hold your mouse over the image and wait 2-3 seconds for a fun lil extra joke, just for you!

July 27 2021

Been thinking about taking a break recently. Been doing at least two comics a week for over a year. I’m blown away by my contemporaries who put out one a day, 7 days a week. How do y’all do it?

July 20 2021

Had the best night’s sleep in ages last night. But woke up to having a nightmare where my friends and I were in some kind of Shadow World Hunger Games where we didn’t have to kill each other but it was encouraged and there were possessed people trying to kill us. It was actually kindContinue reading “July 20 2021”