August 9 2022

I feel like I use this space below the comment to lament about the passing of time fairly often. It’s because I have to write in the date before I post. I also tend to talk about the frequency of my posting. Not trying to do that as much anymore so let me just sayContinue reading “August 9 2022”

July 25 2022

Posting once a week has been feeling good recently – my hope is to have other fun things coming to y’all soon too. It’s been taking some time to get it off the ground but we’ll get there. Anyway how are you?

July 18 2022

Feel free to give me a follow on instagram in this short window before they ban my account for making this comic. Also thinking I’m going to stick with one comic a week for awhile – working on something bigger and more fun for y’all.

July 11 2022

Still trying to get back to posting weekly. Here’s this week’s at least. Think once a week moving forward. Hopefully not going to be THIS busy. The thing is I’ll make comics but they won’t really hit my standard of what I think is good enough so I table them. I didn’t use to doContinue reading “July 11 2022”

July 27 2022

Apologies for the infrequent posting – been thinking about making a new schedule of once a week or something. Really it comes with whenever I have time, I make a comic. But lately I haven’t had much of that. Trying to strike a balance…

June 15 2022

Thinking about moving to one comic a week – my schedule has just been so slammed and tbh there’s so many things I want to do with my life beyond making comics- as much as I adore doing it.

June 9 2022

Have you heard The Death of Kyle & The Super Best Friends yet? Here’s a Spotify link if not! Lmk what you think!

June 7 2022

Yesterday my band released our debut album: The Death of Kyle & The Super Best Friends. Search for it on Spotify/Tidal/Apple Music/any streaming platform – it’s really good imo.

June 2 2022

I’m back! With a really depressing comic! Sorry?

April 29 2022

Here’s a throwback I drew wayyy back when I was getting started. Elon Musk posted that disaster of a comic about how “extreme left” America has become and it’s so detached from reality it’s hard to fathom how anyone could think that. So here’s a reality check.