April 19 2021

Wish I could write something witty and insightful here but I’m on my way to a location scout so you’ll have to think up something on your own! Lmk how it goes!

April 15 2021

I’m in a Slack (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s like Discord) with a bunch of friends and something I do is write a LOT about music. But none of them ever really care about it, which I can’t blame them for. I think I might start posting stuff on medium then posting it here? Just thinkingContinue reading “April 15 2021”

April 12 2021

Decided to step back from corona comics for a hot minute. For anyone who reads and enjoys my comics, you have my permanent gratitude. I know they can get kinda wordy and that’s not good for the algorithm.

April 8 2021

Wanted to clear some stuff up with this comic after Monday’s comic. I went on a whole tirade about it on instagram/twitter – go there for more info. You can click the icons at the top of the page to bring ya there. I just don’t have it in me to copy/paste apparently. It’s beenContinue reading “April 8 2021”

April 5 2021

I’m seeing a lot of this rhetoric floating around, particularly on Twitter. “Just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you can hang out with other vaccinated people.” Then what the hell does it mean? Also, shut up? You’re not a doctor, you’re not an epidemiologist- you’re a social media user getting off on telling people whatContinue reading “April 5 2021”

April 1 2021

Didn’t plan ahead enough to make an April Fools day comic but in retrospect would have been all about it. Whoops. Not sure what I would have done anyway. Really wish there were more hours in a day.

March 29 2021

So glad he’s gone. Of course, all the old problems and new problems are still present and growing. It’s not time to “go back to brunch” – but at the very least we can focus on the problems themselves and not the President shrieking in our collective ears 24 hours a day.

March 25 2021

Thinking I may turn this into a series. The problem with comics like this though is how many people see all the words and completely gloss over it & swipe away. Funny to think it’s like maybe two paragraphs total. Imagine reading a book?

March 22 2021

Please please pleeeease hold out a little while longer so we can party for real. If we’re dealing with “50% capacity restaurants” this summer instead of crowdsurfing at concerts we have totally failed as a society.

March 18 2021

I’ve been thinking about releasing some music rankings on my instant gram profile. Something on the backburner.