Thursday November 26

disease it up yall

Historically, white people haven’t been the greatest with “Hey don’t do that” or “You shouldn’t go there” or “That doesn’t belong to you”   Some things never change. Happy Thanksgiving though!

November 23 2020


Thanksgiving is coming up. Please don’t travel unless you need to. Please stay safe.

November 19 2020

When I was a kid I could eat like six egg mcmuffins in one sitting. Don't tell anyone that though. I don't think anyone even knows about the alt text.

I’ve been crazy swamped with work recently so I’m kind of pulling comic inspiration from anywhere right now. The next few weeks are going to be crazy but 2021 is wide open. Been listening to “A Dream of Winter” by Sun Kil Moon and Jesu recently- there’s a line that says “Got nothing on myContinue reading “November 19 2020”

November 16 2020


Every day several recycling plants explode because YOU think it’s okay to recycle pizza boxes with pizza grease and cheese smeared all over it.

November 12 2020

make sure to puke in the toilet if you need to hurl

This parallels the life cycle, somehow. Nature is healing. I will not be taking questions at this time.

November 9 2020

burn baby burn

The Lincoln Project collected tens of millions of dollars and did very little to actually get Joe Biden elected. Also a lot of tweets have been resurfacing from the guys who run it that demonstrate they’re very racist…? Thanks for the help but it’s time to throw them in the garbage, preferably if it’s onContinue reading “November 9 2020”

November 5 2020

read a book

For my non-American readers, I promise I’m dropping all the political stuff once we get this all sorted out. At least for awhile. Thanks for bearing with me, I thought we’d be through it by now but for some disgusting reason this vote is actually close. We need to fix education in this country firstContinue reading “November 5 2020”

November 2 2020


Drew this back in the Primary days when Mitch was closing down voting locations all over Kentucky. Didn’t have a good chance to post it so I’m just dropping it in now. Make sure to vote tomorrow.

October 29 2020

plz make it stop

Don’t get me wrong, don’t get complacent. But we need legislation to fix these election cycles. The stress is too much.