January 20 2021

Stoked to get rid of Trump but it’d be cool if we could ditch this method that lets the minority enforce their will upon the majority. Also I recently discovered Viagra Boys and gosh darn it they rule the schools?? I can’t stop listening to them. #NP Ain’t Nice

January 18 2021

Anyone else dealing with this their entire lives? No? Just me? Haha okay… I uh… I was just kidding anyway.

January 14 2021

“Antifa” is like, a bunch of college students went to a Trump rally once and got punched in the face a bunch by Trump supporters (I saw this personally in Arizona a few years ago) and right-wing media has been using it as a catch-all card to justify murder and roaming proud boy militias everContinue reading “January 14 2021”

January 11 2021

To all the Parler fans out there, you can always go back to the way your predecessors did it. Better yet, go shout your racist BS at a wall then take a nap.

January 7 2021

Poured over making these the last 24 hours… So many people said we were overreacting in January 2017. Fast-forward four years and right-wing insurgents breach the capitol building in the name of ending democracy in the United States after 400 thousand Americans are killed by a new plague. And yet the Trumpists are in aContinue reading “January 7 2021”

January 4 2021

So this is 2021. The year we finally get a Sea Lab. Does anyone else ever get caught up thinking “What if I woke up in the body of my younger self tomorrow? How would I do things different?”

December 28 2020

2020 was the culmination of an overwhelming toxicity entering American leadership and trickling down and festering for four years. I don’t believe it’s a box, and I know things aren’t going to magically get better in 2021, but I hope we’re headed in the right direction.

December 24 2020

Merry xmas yall. We’re almost at the finish line for this miserable year. The silver lining for me at least is if this year wasn’t so terrible I don’t think I would have started this comic. I’m thankful for that and I’m thankful for you- the person reading this right now.

December 21 2020

It’s my actual birthday, hi. When I was a kid and realized what’s in the comic was happening I pointed it out to my parents- they told me to be grateful for what I get. Which, solid point. I learned graciousness and to never expect goodness or attention just for existing by having a ChristmasContinue reading “December 21 2020”