September 16 2021

Been thinking about joining tiktok but someone already took my username. They’re not using it so maybe I could pry it from them? If not I should make a diff name account? It seems like that’s the place to be?

September 14 2021

Ran out of time to perfect the punchline on this one. I’m sure a great one will come to me five minutes after I post it.

September 10 2021

As you may have noticed I’ve been a bit loose in the scheduling for my comics. Originally it was just Monday & Thursday but it’s kind of transitioning into Monday OR Tuesday + Thursday OR Friday. Work life has picked up so I’ve been kind of loose about it. But it feels okay on myContinue reading “September 10 2021”

September 7 2021

A very privileged problem to have to be sure – but a problem nonetheless.

September 2 2021

I’m currently traveling but my neighbors/friends/roommates called me last night to let me know my apartment had flooded. They spent at least two hours around midnight in my place cleaning the flood. I am eternally grateful to have such great friends.

August 31 2021

I’ve actually never met anyone named Walter, but it’s a fine name. Perfectly acceptable.

August 26 2021

I think I may lose people in the 2nd panel. Too preachy? My vote’s: No!

August 23 2021

And we’re back! Was good to recharge the ol’ batteries. Hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy!

August 5 2021

Currently listening to No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine. Sometimes songs are insanely epic. This is one of those times. I love how the whole album turns every song up to 11 on the grandness scale. It’s ridiculous and so fun.

August 3 2021

Please enjoy this comic that only works one day a year! If you see it on Wednesday August 4th or anytime after that I’m sorry, but this will make absolutely no sense and you’ll likely be driven into madness!