hope i don't murder anyone at work today!! that'd be a whoopsie!!!

June 18 2020

I can’t help but feel like I missed the mark on this comic. The first version mentioned Breonna Taylor by name, and was a little more scathing towards the officers that murdered her. However something wasn’t sitting right with me about it… I ran it by a friend and she pointed out that people have been turning Breonna Taylor’s death into this meme for social media clout and that hit the nail on the head. I felt like I was using an innocent woman’s murder to bolster my art, and I couldn’t roll with that. So I took her name out. But unfortunately, with that, the comic sort of lost its luster to me. And calling out people to vote in the last panel, like that could have somehow helped her, seemed preachy and misguided. I wish I sat on this one longer and found the right message. That said, I’m quite proud of the illustration in this one.