August 9 2022

I feel like I use this space below the comment to lament about the passing of time fairly often. It’s because I have to write in the date before I post. I also tend to talk about the frequency of my posting. Not trying to do that as much anymore so let me just say as a new rule moving forward – I don’t really see myself going back to scheduled twice a week posts every Monday/Thursday or anything like that again. I was doing that when I didn’t have a lot else going on in my life due to peak quarantining for the pandemic.

Now my life has gotten really busy again – which is great! I still love making comics and won’t stop doing that anytime in the near future, I don’t think. But it’ll most likely be once a week without any real schedule. No one has seemed to be upset that it’s not coming out with reliable frequency. Back in the day I loved going to sites like XKCD, Gunshow, Dinosaur Comics (still love doing it) because I knew what time to check in. But now with social media the comics pop up whenever they’re ready and we don’t need those mental reminders to check websites as much.

This isn’t exactly for the best, obviously. I’ve been vocally critical of Instagram, obviously. I hope we can find a better solution, but for now, it seems technology can reign people into my comics and I don’t need to post reliably on a certain day or certain time as much.

Anyway – for those of you who don’t know, my full time job is as a Director. And I’m starting to feel the pull to really go and make something big. It’s tough because I have reliable clients and consistent work right now. But I don’t know how to turn off the switch in my brain that wants to make something big to make people laugh.

Anyway I’m just kind of rambling here. Hope everyone’s well.