October 19 2021

Apologies again for dropping off the grid. We’re back now though. How’ve you been? Wow, really? That’s awesome, congrats.

October 6 2021

Very very sorry for my sporadic posting – in general for the near future it’s going to continue to be 2x a week more than Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Much love.

October 1 2021

October is a love/hate relationship. Also 9gag shared a comic of mine yesterday which was cool, but it only netted a few dozen followers. I always thought that’d be a game changer, but I guess it’s just a tiny little boost?

September 28 2021

One day I want to release a true commentary on each of my comics. I saw some cool stuff at a comics fair over the weekend and want to start making more physical media too. Hmm…

September 25 2021

Sorry my posting has been hella erratic, I’ve been swamped with work. But I’ve really been enjoying the work! And the weather’s been nice recently. Sometime’s life’s good!

September 21 2021

This is a top-5 dumbest comic I’ve ever made. The #1 will always be the Abraham Lincoln golfing one which barely got any traction. Later I realized how much of my audience is international and have barely heard of Abraham Lincoln, let alone his state of the union address.

September 16 2021

Been thinking about joining tiktok but someone already took my username. They’re not using it so maybe I could pry it from them? If not I should make a diff name account? It seems like that’s the place to be?

September 14 2021

Ran out of time to perfect the punchline on this one. I’m sure a great one will come to me five minutes after I post it.

September 10 2021

As you may have noticed I’ve been a bit loose in the scheduling for my comics. Originally it was just Monday & Thursday but it’s kind of transitioning into Monday OR Tuesday + Thursday OR Friday. Work life has picked up so I’ve been kind of loose about it. But it feels okay on myContinue reading “September 10 2021”

September 7 2021

A very privileged problem to have to be sure – but a problem nonetheless.