October 1 2020

Man, I want to do Inktober but I’m going to be away from my desk for the first five days of it then I’m starting a new gig right when I get back. Just don’t think I’ll have the time. But I am going to do an hourly comics day at some point. Does anyoneContinue reading “October 1 2020”

September 28 2020

There might be a day not too far in the future where we’re remembering how brutal this time in all our lives were. Covid/lockdown, a treasonous/compromised president, country on fire, the not-so-gradual-erosion of our democracy. It only happens if we all go out and vote though.

September 24 2020

Visiting The Parents 3. This is probably my last visiting the parents for awhile as I am no longer visiting them. Also it’s worth mentioning IRL his appreciation of how good they are is because of how good their form and technique is, which according to him, is better than the men’s. He likes watchingContinue reading “September 24 2020”

September 21 2020

The lesson is, it’s okay to be hypocritical as long as you’re screwing over the country you were elected to serve.

September 17 2020

Backdating this after posting a day late. Things have been kind of crazy so I missed posting on the actual website despite doing it on social media. Hope everyone is staying well and more importantly REGISTERING TO VOTE!

September 14 2020

Congrats to my sister for giving birth to a healthy baby kiddo this weekend! I’m now an uncle to three magnificent kiddos. Well I haven’t met the newest one yet but by all accounts she’s pretty cool.

September 10 2020

Alien Cadets are BACK baby! Alien Cadets FOUR!   Little late for Star Trek Day but wanted to get something out there. As a side-note I really love how all the cast for Star Trek The Next Generation are all best buds IRL and are always chatting it up with each other on Twitter. ThatContinue reading “September 10 2020”

September 7 2020

Happy labor day! I “labored” over this though so – whoops! Does anyone go online on labor day? Should I have waited to post this until tomorrow?

September 3 2020

Oh yeah baby let’s get POLITICAL. I think this is my first time mentioning Trump’s name explicitly so I’m expecting more death threats than usual. So it goes.

August 31 2020

Little late today, sorry! Been working real hard on finishing up a big project I’ll be announcing soon. Also how the heck is tomorrow September? Can we redo summer except be allowed to go do fun things? Frick this.