September 14 2020

Congrats to my sister for giving birth to a healthy baby kiddo this weekend! I’m now an uncle to three magnificent kiddos. Well I haven’t met the newest one yet but by all accounts she’s pretty cool.

September 10 2020

Alien Cadets are BACK baby! Alien Cadets FOUR!   Little late for Star Trek Day but wanted to get something out there. As a side-note I really love how all the cast for Star Trek The Next Generation are all best buds IRL and are always chatting it up with each other on Twitter. ThatContinue reading “September 10 2020”

September 7 2020

Happy labor day! I “labored” over this though so – whoops! Does anyone go online on labor day? Should I have waited to post this until tomorrow?

September 3 2020

Oh yeah baby let’s get POLITICAL. I think this is my first time mentioning Trump’s name explicitly so I’m expecting more death threats than usual. So it goes.

August 31 2020

Little late today, sorry! Been working real hard on finishing up a big project I’ll be announcing soon. Also how the heck is tomorrow September? Can we redo summer except be allowed to go do fun things? Frick this.

August 28 2020

Apologies for posting a day late! The comic I had queued up did not speak to the police brutality or terrorist activity in Wisconsin and it felt tone deaf to speak to anything other than that. So I put this together with help from my friend Susan. To be honest I drew like a dozenContinue reading “August 28 2020”

August 24 2020

Anyone else’s friends get progressively boring as you get older? I feel like we’ll look back on these times and wonder why we didn’t do more, take advantage of our youth. And the only answer a lot of my friends are going to have is “because it was easier to do nothing.” Without getting superContinue reading “August 24 2020”

August 20 2020

You ever notice how time doesn’t make sense anymore? It feels like this year has lasted twenty years yet still it’s already August 20th? I thought summer was just starting up? Isn’t it like, late June?   I haven’t gone to the beach or done anything fun this summer. I guess COVID is the culpritContinue reading “August 20 2020”

August 17 2020

Big pet peeve is people complaining about China or India “stealing our jobs.” They didn’t steal your job – the American ruling class decided they’d be able to afford a couple extra yachts if they put you out of a job.