October 22 2020

cant wait to bring back borat accents

Please be known I’m a huge SBC fan and excited to see the new movie. But when the trailer landed this was my honest reaction. I’m sure it’ll be great, though.

October 19 2020


I hate the influence Nate Silver and polling has on people. “Hey we’re going to win, and by a lot! A LOT lot! You can just chill the rest of the election cycle, we got this in the bag!” It’s like we learned nothing from 2016. I firmly believe Trump is going to win unlessContinue reading “October 19 2020”

October 15 2020

Please share this with anyone who is a single-issue voter for abortion. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are focused on getting that law changed anytime soon; the only difference is one of the candidates is eating stem cells and the other is not.   #NP Normal People by Fucked Up

October 12 2020

This chart is irrefutable and sourced by MY BRAIN using COMMON SENSE. #NP Mayor by Wiki let’s fucking go

October 8 2020


Didn’t have enough time to make a comic about THE FLY from the debate last night but I think everyone else has that covered. Hey remember when Mike Pence said systemic racism doesn’t exist?

October 5 2020

I’m not really a big NFL fan anymore. It’s not just this or that- it’s the culmination of a lot of things. The NFL does things the wrong way for the wrong reasons over and over and over again. I was such a diehard fan from when I was a toddler up until a coupleContinue reading “October 5 2020”

October 1 2020

Man, I want to do Inktober but I’m going to be away from my desk for the first five days of it then I’m starting a new gig right when I get back. Just don’t think I’ll have the time. But I am going to do an hourly comics day at some point. Does anyoneContinue reading “October 1 2020”

September 28 2020

There might be a day not too far in the future where we’re remembering how brutal this time in all our lives were. Covid/lockdown, a treasonous/compromised president, country on fire, the not-so-gradual-erosion of our democracy. It only happens if we all go out and vote though.

September 24 2020

Visiting The Parents 3. This is probably my last visiting the parents for awhile as I am no longer visiting them. Also it’s worth mentioning IRL his appreciation of how good they are is because of how good their form and technique is, which according to him, is better than the men’s. He likes watchingContinue reading “September 24 2020”

September 21 2020

The lesson is, it’s okay to be hypocritical as long as you’re screwing over the country you were elected to serve.